Curriculum Integration Module

Learnocrate for Schools

All educators agree that it is important to develop students into global citizens & critical thinkers. However, translating this into action is difficult due to the lack of a road-map, constrained teacher time, and unavailability of accessible, reliable resources.

Our solutions are very cost & time effective for schools. We put in over 25,000 hours of research, curation, design, resource procurement & user testing, so we can give students a distinctive “learning by doing” experience.

Learnocrate offers an annual program integrated into the curriculum through which school students can gain a global perspective, develop leadership skills, build intercultural connections, and take action on critical issues.

Learnocrate’s collection of crates include a wide range of activities on arts & crafts, communities & cultures, festivals, cuisines, folklore, history, games, music, and geography. The crates’ content also addresses important issues such as anti-bias education, equality, social justice, civil rights, human rights and sustainable global economy through informative visual cards, projects & Weekly Reflexive Learning Worksheets.

Suitable for Grades 4-8

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