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Our programs and activities empower learners of all ages to become informed and active global citizens.


About Learnocrate

We’re helping kids become citizens of the world! We offer an array of resources and activities for schools, educators, students, and the community at large — tools that will inspire a generation ready to contribute to an interconnected world.

For the first time in India, we bring to you country-themed integrated learning crates designed as per curriculum to help students become global citizens!

Our crates are filled with hands-on projects about art, culture, geography, games, major inventions and other amazing things about people of over 100 countries! Read More

About Learnocrate

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We Raise Global Visionaries

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Our Methodology


Learners will be able to explore the issue, process information, consider it from various perspectives and try to understand the causes and consequences of the issue.


Learners will exercise their critical thinking ability to bring forth ideas through which the issue can be resolved, relate such to values, think it from a global perspective and figure out the nature of power and action.


It is the most crucial component. It allows students to make use of their productive thinking to resolve issues of global concern, learn to take ownership of their steps and simultaneously also work on the collective footsteps of the team to resolve any issue.

= Active Global Citizen

If this exercise of Learn-Think-Act is routinely practiced, it will soon become a second nature of students- finally resulting in a class of amazing, young global citizens.


Climate Action Project

Take Action Global in partnership with Learnocrate bring to you the Climate Action Project 2021. We believe simple steps can have a huge impact, and that we must act towards the climate crisis now. The Climate Action Project launches annually and is a non-profit, free of cost workshop with an objective to reverse climate change and create a viable future. In this six-week online learning experience, students from over 135 countries create, collaborate, empathize and innovate. Register your school today and learn more here: http://www.climate-action.info/joinus

For further details or assistance, connect with:

The Climate Action Project is supported by

Mission & Vision

Learnocrate Mission & Vision

Our mission is to strengthen relationships between individuals and nations, broaden and deepen public awareness and understanding of international affairs,world culture, local inventions, engaging learners with the world—and with each other. Learnocrate programs keep learners connected to the people, places, and ideas that are shaping our shared global future.

A peaceful, prosperous and responsible planet where every individual gets quality education without cultural, colour and gender discrimination, equal opportunity, to grow and understand the power of global collaborations to sustain our planet.”

Our Countries

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Learnocrate Kenya


Learnocrate Brazil


Learnocrate Canada


Learnocrate France


Learnocrate Peru


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Learnocrate India


And Many More!

Recommended By Top Educators

Learnocrate has developed a fun, organized approach towards global citizenship amongst our youth. After reviewing their programme, I believe they have created a quality system that combines hands-on learning with the Global Perspectives curriculum; thereby bringing measurability to core skills required in the 21st century in an innovative way.
Dr. Kavita Aggarwal
Director/Head of School | D.G. Khetan International School
Chairperson | Members of International Schools Association
With access to this Global Citizenship Programme, anyone, anywhere, can gain skills and awareness to transform their lives. Learnocrate’s activities enable educators to enhance their lessons; the hands-on tools create a rich learning experience for students, as they immerse themselves into cultures across the world. A remarkable job done by the team to bring today’s generation closer to the world around them.
Mrs. Nirmal Waddan
The Kalyani School

We Support Global Goals


We have boxes of over 100 countries, each helping your child become a global citizen by introducing various cultures, places & people to them. Children learn about geography, history, world culture, local art and craft, life skills, social skills, cuisines, languages, science & lots more! (Country examples: Germany, Egypt, France, Kenya, Brazil, Japan, Australia, etc.)

Learnocrate Boxes help young learners explore and understand cultural identity around the world. Teachers can use Learnocrate Boxes to enhance a child’s interest in the subject by bringing it to life through hands-on projects and real life examples, increasing global literacy of students thereby helping them transform into global citizens.

We deliver the boxes right at your doorstep for your convenience and safety. (Learnocrate For Home)

We deliver the boxes every two months to the respective school your child is studying in and children can avail the same from the school’s office/ teachers. (Learnocrate For Schools)

Yes, Shipping is absolutely free. We deliver across India

Very soon we will start operations in few Asian, Gulf and European countries.

Absolutely! Child’s safety is our topmost priority hence we use eco friendly materials which are very easy and safe to use by children

Our packaging team is highly professional and manually packs each and every crate with care and love. However, in transit if the box is damaged, then you can refuse the delivery and we will replace the damaged box immediately.

Yes, you can still choose a subscription plan from our ‘Learnocrate for Home’ tab & help your child become a global citizen!

Definitely! Our content is full of fun illustrations and images, accompanied with chunks of easy to understand information in the form of stories & activities to help your kid get started on reading & improve their reading skills.

Yes, Cash on Delivery is Available.

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